About Snuggly Tots


Welcome to Snuggly tots, the home of kids electric cars. If you are looking for a kids electric car then you have come to the right place.  An electric car for kids is such an amazing "must have" toy we are absolutely certain your child will adore this gift. We have a huge range of electric ride on cars as well as non-electric push and peddle cars. No matter the style, make or model of your desired car, whether it's a retro ride on car or modern pedal we you’re in the right place. Browse our collection of the very best kids battery cars available at the best prices in the UK.

But we don’t just sell electric cars for kids. We are passion about these toys and love to write about them. We’ll bring the latest ranges and review them wherever possible. Not only that, but we’ll let you know what parents thought that purchased the cars by providing honest owner reviews. This ensures that you will get the right car for your little boy or girl.


There are many great reasons to invest in top of the range childrens electric car. If nothing else, the look on your little ones face as they realise they have their own car will be priceless. We pride ourselves on bringing happiness to children and parents alike by providing that dream present that any kid would just love to have. Electric cars are also great for other reason too though. As an outdoor toy, it gets children out of the house and into the garden or park. This provides the child with fresh air and they are far more likely to stay outdoors and exercise their growing bodies once they leave the house to play with their favourite toy. They also help to develop the child’s hand eye coordination as they learn to handle the moving vehicle and make it go where they want. Lastly, it can help to stimulate highly imaginative play,as children imagine themselves shooting down the road, perhaps on the way to the office to do a long days work just like mummy and daddy do. Owning such a desirable toy also encourages engagement with others, as the neighbours kids start to “pop round” to play on the best toy on the entire street. This gets the children interacting more and not to mention learning the importance of sharing. These are all highly productive life skills that all children need to develop as they grow.